1. Are you an inpatient or outpatient counseling center?
Choices is an outpatient counseling center.


2. Who can benefit from Choices Counseling Center?
We can help anyone struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, an eating disorder, gambling or another compulsive behavior pattern. Anyone who is unhappy in one or more important relationships and would like to learn how to improve them. Anyone who is having difficulties at work, depression and anxiety.


3. Do you accept insurance?
Choices does not accept direct assignment on insurance; all services are self-pay. We will, however, be happy to provide any neccessary information for insurance reimbursement claims.


4. Do you provide transportation for Programs?
Choices Counseling Center will arrange pick-up/drop-off service from Orlando International Airport on Friday (4:00 p.m. latest pickup time) for the weekend program, and Sunday (3:00 pm latest pick up time) for the five-day program. Transportation is also provided at the conclusion of both programs (after 2:00 p.m.).


5. What is the Extended Care Program?
The Extended Care Program is an outpatient treatment program for individuals who are seeking long term treatment. This continuum of care allows the client to move more intense to a less intensive treatment plan based on progress. For more information on Choices' Extended Care Program please visit our Extended Care page.


6. Do you have a detox program?
No, all clients entering Choices Counseling Center must be detoxed prior to entering treatment. Please call for a list of Detox facilities.