About Choices


Founded in 1985 by the late Maureen Traynor, M.A., LMHC, MFT, Choices was borne of a deep compassion for alcoholics and drug addicts, and a strong belief in an addict’s active participation in a recovery community. Maureen believed addiction is a multi-faceted condition that impacts every area of the individual’s life.  

"I have always rcognized the underlying condition of addiction

as inner pain and emptiness. I feel enormous compassion 

for people who suffer from addiction" ... Maureen R. Traynor


Utilizing the therapeutic community model, she created programming that provides long term support for addicts in a caring recovery community. Most of the clients of Choices have little to no experience of the commitment and discipline necessary to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Long term recovery is dependent on personal growth in relationships with others, work, managing a home and establishing financial stability.

"I believe it is the work of this generation to turn inward

for self-worth, spirituality, a connection with others and

the restoration of community" ... Maureen R. Traynor


Thirty years later, Maureen’s philosophy and vision remains the guiding force of Choices. Her daughter, Elizabeth Traynor, M.A., LMHC, LMFT, now serves as Director and is committed to these same core values.